Friday, February 18

My Day Ended Well

Whew what a day.

8:20 class, bunch of crap, 11:20 exam for 160+ people, more crap, sneak home to play with my daughter while my wife picks up our son from school, back to work to post the grades of the exam, off to a party where I couldn’t drink as I had clinical time latter, attempt to sound semi-intelligent in speaking with the Dean of the Faculty at the party as he asked me questions about the program I run, then home to change and off to clinical time.

I arrived at the Emergency Department to see people everywhere. Every bed full and people stashed in various halls and spaces. Before I can really introduce myself and say why I am there a Physicians Assistant I know sends me into a room to get an initial set of vitals on a patient. In the three hours I was there I personally worked with:

20 y/o male with severe ankle sprain from a basketball injury.
3 y/o male with seasonal allergies.
7 y/o female with injury to her ear from her dad cleaning it too rigorously.
14 y/o female with medial right knee pain from basketball injury.
22 y/o female with pelvis pain radiating to her right flank.
29 y/o female with abdominal pain radiating to her left flank.
63 y/o female having a panic attack.

That’s all I remember.

I’m now home. I expected a bunch of pissy e-mails from the exam today (with 160+ people, 16 of them are in the bottom 10 percent and they are NOT used to it). Instead I get ONE e-mail, and here it is (I sent a congrats e-mail to those who scored 90 and above):

“Dear Prof. **********,
Thank you so much for congratulating me on my grade and for everything this semester. I truly cannot tell you how much I loved your class and how much I am going to miss having you as a professor. Your class was always something I looked forward to, and it was always the highlight of my conversation whenever anyone asked me how school was going. Thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to being in more of your classes in the years to come.


And that, dear reader, makes my day (believe me, the pissy ones will come, but for tonight I don't care). I’m off to bed.