Tuesday, February 1

EtOH with the boys.

The last two medic classes have ended up with me drinking beer with the instructors. They are both really nice guys, and usually have a cast of firefighters with them who are fun to interact with. Given I tend to not drink with my students, it is a bit akward to consume with my instructors, but it was their idea and who am I to say no?

Work has been super busy in a bad way. I am feeling like I can't do everything as well as I'd like. In know, welcome to adulthood...

I have not been going on many EMS calls lately. The students have filled the board and I took my name off so I could concentrate on the clinical and ride time for my class. I am still waiting for that to start, but it should be soon, and I am sure it will provide a lot of stories.

The student conduct board is still going full tilt dealing with academic dishonesty cases from the fall. My lord.

I'm off to bed. I appreciate those of you who stop by for a read and am sorry things have been so slow. Things will pick up when my ride time starts...