Tuesday, January 11

What Would You Do?

---- I have been on several conduct boards where something like the following happened. What follows is a general version of these cases and is not meant to (and doesn't) reveal anything about any particular case ----

While driving a car from the bars to campus (a 20 min walk or so if you decide to not take the free shuttle bus), an underage college student is pulled over for crossing a double yellow line on "main" street. Let's call the student "Mary".

A Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) asks Mary if she has been drinking. "I had a few beers", she says.

The LEO asks Mary to take a field sobriety test. She agrees. Mary begins, misses her nose with her finger, and refuses to continue.

The LEO asks Mary to take a breathalyzer. She refuses.

Mary is given a Miranda warning, and informed of the law regarding failure to take a breathalyzer. She is given a chance to reconsider. She still refuses.

Mary is taken to the police station, where she is asked to submit to a breathalyzer and a blood test. She again refuses.

She gets another set of Miranda warnings, is again told of the laws related to DWI and failure to submit to BAC tests, and again refuses to cooperate.

Mary is booked for DWI.

- -

Assume the above happens while Mary is a student at a private liberal arts college that claims to be grooming future leaders. Do you think the college should also discipline her? If so, how?