Thursday, January 13

Classes Start Monday...

Calm before the storm.

Monday I will face:

150+ students in a large introductory class. This is a small lecture class at some institutions, but for us it is the largest on campus.

40+ students who want to be in a class limited (in theory) to 18 students.

Seniors nervous about finishing up their senior research projects.

In the mean time, I have been trying to pound out syllabi, handle some administrative crap, and imagine what it would look like if my office were clean.

EMS stuff has been quiet. We started cardiac this week. Cardiac A&P on Monday and the beginning of EKG last night. So far, so good. I hate route memorization, so I am hoping that I can learn what I need to know using logic and an understanding of the systems, but the instructors make it sound like you are stuck having to memorize some stuff. So be it.

Ego boost of the day… My daughter, out of now where, exclaims (with a bright smile on her face like this is a good thing): “Daddy, you must need a lot of toilet paper because your bottom is so big!” Indeed.