Sunday, January 16

Look At Me When I Am Talking To You!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, NIGHT! [sorry, Bay City Rollers outburst])

It is Saturday night and I have been in my office working on a syllabus. We had an EMS call at about 2030, and so down I went. The call was for a diabetic emergency, and things went fine, but it took a while as we were a ways from the Hospital.

By the time we got things put back together, I left the station at about 0010. I really wanted to finish the syllabus, so I drove back to my office. On the way I stopped at one of the three stoplights in town. Big intersection by our hick town standards. As I rolled to a stop I saw a collection of semi-rowdy students. There were eight of them.

Seven of the aforementioned students were in a circle goofing around. Number eight had his back to them. Facing me. The kid was literally twenty feet away and facing me. He was clearly intoxicated. I don't know if he saw me. I saw him. And his penis. For the man (boy? Dude? Asshat?) whipped his stuff out and peed right there. I tried to avert my eyes. I did. But it was, I must confess, captivating. Not the penis. Not the urine. No, what made me not be able to let go of the situation was the fact that one of the women in the group must have said something to the young man in question. Always the gentleman, he decided it made sense to turn to face the person speaking to him, urine still flowing as it does from a beer filled male with a 20-year old prostate. The entire group jumped back fast enough that I think they must have been more sober than the perpetrator. Based on the reactions of two of the people, it seems they were not fast enough.

The light turned green, and I drove off, planning to poke my head into Campus Safety to give them a heads up (my office is very close to theirs). Turns out this wasn't needed, as one of their rigs flew past me headed to the intersection in question.

I am still at work, wondering if this young man will be sitting in my office in a few weeks. I won't forget his face. I am trying to forget the rest of the scene.