Thursday, February 17

EMS posts coming (I hope)…

Travis the super dog is still at the Vet’s (as expected). He is now a "1" on a scale that goes from 0 (no function what-so-ever) to 4. The Vet hopes he will get a lot more function back over the next week or so. Thanks for your well wishes via comments and e-mail. He’s “just” a dog, but he’s our dog and we love him.

Work has been wicked busy but should slow some after tomorrow (tonight a project raps up with a presentation by my students to a board of directors and tomorrow is the exam in a team-taught class I’m in, ending my section).

Our respiratory emergency and cardiac exam has been moved to this coming Monday. Between now and then I have 8 hours of clinical (emergency room) time and 10 hours of ride time scheduled, so I should have some more EMS related posts coming up.