Wednesday, November 3

Test Night + "I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

Medic class tonight entailed our first exam (covering Modules I and II). I got to class at 1825 (class starts at 1830), only to see many people working away. I then remembered that the instructors said we could come at 1800 to get an early jump on the exam. Given the exam was 100 questions, and class is 3.5 hours, I figured I'd be fine.

40 minutes later I turned in my exam and the instructor graded it right there. Here are the answers to the questions I missed:

1) washing hands.
2) elicit a good history.
3) Cullens', Late.
4) flaccidity.
5) intima.

The first two were bad questions in my not so humble opinion (e.g., is washing hands "Body Substance Isolation"? I think not. Infection control, yes, but BSI?). The last three were things I just didn't know. I went into the exam fairly cold as I have been SUPER busy at work and my wife was having a tough day so I came home early to help out. I wasn't that worried as I figured the real issue is what I know, not what I can cram in the two days before the exam. My strategy so far has been to go to class very prepared and it has served me well.

On another front, the students at my school are registering for spring classes. My 200-level class is full at 18 and has 20 on the waitlist. I am really not sure what to do with the e-mails from people telling me that they'll do whatever it takes to get into my class (hard to keep your mind out of the gutter, but please try). It cracks me up when people start to argue that they should be in the class because "they really want to take it". Hmm, what do you think the other folks are there for? Free koolaid and a bucket of chicken? The music? My dancing (I do dance around, but there is no music)? It's an elective. EVERYONE who signed up wants to take it, and the fact that you think you are special does not entitle you to jump to the front of the line (unless you have a suitcase full of cash, for then we can chat...).

I voted yesterday and I'll save the political venting for those blogs oriented that way...