Tuesday, October 26

Collective Hatred + I am NOT a 40 y/o male with chest pain

I am in the process of proctoring an exam. A fair statistics exam that is taking some people (the compulsive as well as the under-prepared) all 3 hours of lab time. Nobody wants a fair statistics exam (everyone wants an EASY statistics exam).

I sit in front of a roomful of kids who loved me yesterday and who will love me in a couple of days. Today? The feel of the room is palpable. 60 eyes looking at me with HATE. No other word fits the glares, painful sighs, and twisted expressions.

It doesn’t feel good.

Neither did medic lab last night when it was my turn to be the patient who was having chest pains. The rescuer was supposed to give a general impression of the patient, including age, race and sex (yes please - sorry, got off topic). Age was not part of the dispatch information, and we were to judge it based on the appearance of the patient. MY rescuer’s general impression was of a “40 year old white male…”. FOURTY? Not yet sister! 40? Do I LOOK 40? I don’t want to BE 40. I REALLY do not want to look 40. I certainly do not act 40…

40? I have 10 months still, thank you very much. I AM IN MY 30’S DAMMIT! Respect my athor-a-TAH!

Hope your week is starting out better than mine, LOL.

Time to head back up for more glares...