Friday, October 1

We get to start poking soon!

Arms. Veins inside arms, actually. Pretend ones. But still, we get to start DOING something vs reading and listening to lecture.

Medic class is going ok. We have just finished an introduction to pharmacology and drug math and are going to start discussion of basic and advanced airway issues on Monday. Wednesday is a drug administration lab and will be our first hands-on experience. So far the instructors have been talking a tough game regarding assessments (e.g., “study hard for the A&P quiz because it will be brutal) but the actual evaluations have been generous (I have a 100 and a 96, and they could have EASILY written questions that would have killed me). Given the last class they ran had over 50% of the students fail to make it to the end, my guess it we are going to get slapped around soon. While they lose a lot of students along the way, almost all who make it to the state exam pass (they claim to have only two failures in last several years).