Saturday, September 25

What the &#!! have I been doing with my time?

Don’t have a story to tell but I have been very busy.


We are still grieving the loss of my father-in-law. It is slow process and the function is non-linear, particularly for my wife who will be doing fine and then all of a sudden remember her father.

Everyone has been sick over the last few weeks. The Petri dish that some call “school” triply infects our house (I pick it up at the college, my son the grade school and my daughter the pre-school).

EMS Wise

Medic class – We are moving out of A&P and into Pharmacology

Taking a minimum of two six-hour shifts a week as an EMT with my volunteer corps (though I usually pick up an extra shift or two). I went on an assault call shook me for a bit but don’t feel I can blog much about it for a variety of reasons.

Academia Wise

Teaching statistics to 30 students who, for the most part, are excellent.

Advising 7 independent studies / senior research projects (2 hoping for honors)

Working on a study abroad proposal to take a group of 18 students to Australia from 2/06 to 7/06.

Formulating a job ad and description for a program I have worked with (NOTE: for some tasks, eight people are NOT better than two)

Working on “course projections” for the Spring of ’05 for the program I chair.

Getting institutional review board approval for some of the studies I am running.

Analyzing some data for an alcohol and drug treatment program for teens. My institution basically does some pro bono work for local groups and non-profit agencies and I managed to get sucked into this endeavor because I know SPSS to some (minor) extent.

Meetings for this, that and the other thing. Yech.

We are due for a major trauma or “interesting” call so keep watching this space (yes, I know, someone who teaches statistics knows better than to describe a random process as having something “due” to happen, but you EMS folks know the feeling!).