Thursday, September 2

Keep thinking about...

(note: In order to protect people's privacy I am leaving a lot of things out of this post, including when the call happened)

I was on a call at some point this year that brought us into a house with four kids in it. The house was a mess, and the kids were clearly being neglected (the police were there with us). Two of the kids looked just like my daughter and were just as sweet. All they wanted was to be held and they did not want us to leave. I just can't stop thinking about these kids. Through no fault of their own their daily life is just so different from how my kids live, including but not limited to attention paid to them, nutrition and cognitive enrichment. For reasons I can't explain this call has weighed more heavily than any of the traumas I've seen. I really hope those kids end up getting enough love and I know there is nothing I can do about it (yeah, yeah - social services knows about the situation).