Sunday, August 29

They are back!

I’ve been busy this week with trying to get everything set for tomorrow, which is the first day of classes for our students. My medic class starts on 9/8, and I’ll blog about my decision to take the class before then. In the meantime…

In the last two days, lots of D-R-U-N-K college kids. None of them first years, so my guess is that will be this coming weekend. For me personally, this is not about ethanol consumption. I admit I think the 21 drinking age is stupid, particularly when it means college students will be split between those legally allowed to drink and those who can’t. What this is about is drinking so much that you put yourself at significant risk and that you can no longer, by any reasonable person’s definition, be having fun.

Other things to vent on: I just got back from drop/add, where I reminded myself of a few things that I can’t understand…

“LOOK AT ME” – Why do intelligent people wear clothes to drop/add, which is populated with professors from every department and program, wearing clothing their parents don’t even know they wear in public and certainly would not approve of? Examples: Women wearing x-small, see-through ribbed tank tops with no bra on underneath, or a “mini-skirt” made by cutting the crotch out of a pair of sweat pants and cutting the legs off, wearing a thong underneath, and bending over a table to talk someone knowing there are people behind them. Men wearing pants with the waistband at mid-thigh level with their ripped and holey boxers showing. The list goes on and on. I understand wanting your peers to look at you, but when you are going to class or somewhere else where old farts like me congregate, what the hell are you thinking?

“We are on the same team” – Athletes sometimes bitch that they are typecast in a negative way. Hmmm. So do: Greek letter organization members, science majors, and homosexuals. Do you, as a football player, think you help your cause by walking around with 3 other 6’6”, 296lb guys all trying to take the same classes together?

“What time is it at?” – You need a course in “X”. I say there is one open. You say great, sign me up. I do. You then say “WOAH, dude, that’s at 8:30”. Yes it is. “I don’t get up that early”. You come here to learn or sleep?

The above said, I had a GREAT time at drop/add. Lots of “old” students coming by pretending like they are happy to see me, etc. 90% of the students are not like the above, but I’ll tell ya, the few that are sure stand out.

The students are back. I am happy they are and look forward to a fun semester!