Friday, July 30

Missed The Bus

The few students who have been around are slowing trickling out of town to get their last respite before classes start. This means I’ll be taking a lot of shifts the next couple of weeks and then many fewer once Sept. hits.

Last night my pager went off at 2022 for an “unknown medical” on the side of the road. Our chief calls in and says he’ll meet the rig at the scene and that he has an EMT with him. At this point I was 60 seconds out from the station our rig quickly called out of service ALS and took off. Given I was “on the board” I was pissed. I would have used my radio to tell the ambulance I was close but I knew my friend “B” was on the board with me and he knows how long it takes me to get to the station.

Instead of going back home and going to sleep I waited for them to come back so I could beat the hell out of them :-). The first words out of the medic’s mouth were “Don’t be mad!”. Too late dude. I’m on the board, I block that time with my family, I get up and risk the drive to the station, rescue is rolling and so is the chief... Take the time to see who is on the board and WAIT THE 60 F’n seconds for me to get there before you go!

Good news: The patient was puking all over and I didn’t have to deal with it.