Tuesday, July 20

Meal of Champions?

My daughter (who is two and a half) and I were at the store yesterday evening. As I was pushing the cart around, loading it up with food, she was following behind me pushing a little play cart with a teddy bear in it. She was (and is) cute beyond words and I felt a special kind of happiness that only parents know.

Then I saw something that turned my mood around. A student athlete I had met while fulfilling one of my administrative duties was in front of us in the checkout lane. I remember thinking when I met her that she was awfully thin for an athlete. As the student checked out I could not help but notice her purchase: Three bags of baby carrots and three enemas. Not the proper dinner for a Division 1 athlete whose body fat is currently so low there is no way she menstruates. Having only met this person once I certainly do not feel comfortable addressing this issue with her, yet clearly she needs help. There is no way her coaches and friends don’t know she is in trouble. I hope they are helping her find the treatment she needs.

I have dealt with eating disordered individuals before. If you have a lot of contact with college students you either have to deal with it or actively ignore it. Last night was the first time, however, I looked at someone and thought about them as someone’s daughter. I looked at my own happy and beautiful child and realized that her demographics put her at high risk for this problem. It must be very difficult having an adult child out of the house knowing she is being destructive to herself and not having any control over the situation.

Other stuff:

EMS: One call – MS patient dehydrated and feverish. Easy call with no problems.

Tour: The tour hits the Alps and OLN coverage starts in one hour! Lance will be in yellow at the end of the day our I’ll shave my head.