Saturday, July 10


Yesterday afternoon I had been talking with a student (who is also an EMT) about some research we plan to do this coming year. When we finished we went outside to head our separate ways when the pager crackled something about a two car MVA with injuries. We both jumped into our cars and headed down to the station.

I was on the first rig out. Rescue was on the scene and had the roadway secured by thetime we got there. The scene was on a busy state highway (one lane each direction). Cars #1 and #2 were headed south when Car #1 decided to stop to avoid hitting a farmer and his cows, some dozen plus of which were in the middle of the road. Car #2 drove into the back of Car #1.

I got the driver of Car #2 who was up and around saying she was fine, despite a nose bleed and a significantly banged up car. I had two CFRs (certified first responders) helping me, and it was weird to have someone looking at me for direction. I successfully pretended to know what I was doing and we did a “standing takedown” on her getting her collared and boarded. The whole time she was laughing uncontrollably claiming that being collared and boarded was FUN. She was a hoot. By the time we were rolling toward the hospital my student was on board and she did the trauma assessment. I much prefer having a same-sex assessment if possible. In this case, our patient was again laughing claiming the assessment tickled. I was glad I was not touching her at that point… No real injures besides some expected soreness.

At the hospital, after the police spoke to everyone, one of the passengers in Car #1, who had been a sign-off, suddenly experienced neck and back pain. I find the timing curious as her pain began right around the time the officer made it clear that the accident was the fault of the driver of Car #2. Delayed onset neck pain or $$$?

Anyway, it was good to have a patient all my own but that wasn’t seriously injured as it helped build my confidence.

PS - No cows were injured.