Tuesday, June 15

Sure, I'll fly to Austin for an open bar...

I’m off to Texas Thursday for a family wedding. YEE HAW. Or something like that. We fly out Thursday and come back late Monday so I’ll be blogless for a few days.

Even with the midnight to 6am shift for more than a week I still haven’t been on a call for a while [just for the superstitious: It has been quiet. Boy, things are calm. I mean, gee, we haven't had a call in ages. I hope we don't get a call tonight. etc.] I’m on again tonight and then a hiatus until my return from the Lone Star State.

My six-year-old son wiped out on his scooter today and took some skin off his elbow (knee too, but not as bad). It was good to get some practice using dressings and bandages. Later he asked me why his elbow hurt and I told him it was his body talking to him telling him to be careful with it while it was healing. He said “Well why does it have to keep saying it”?

Very reliable rumor going around that everyone but two from my class passed the state written, including everyone from by corps (8 total) passing. While I believe it, I’ll wait to celebrate until the card is in my hand. I should have it by the time I get back from TX and know how well I did.