Tuesday, June 8

He MAY get in trouble for this...

The EMS network has a link (click on the title of this post - it's ultimately from the Cedar Rapids, IA gazette) to a story of a firefighter accused of taking a rig out for a spin while over the legal limit (he allegedly blew a 0.158). The best part of the article is this wonderful news:

---begin quote---
The Fire Department does not have a written policy for operating equipment while intoxicated, but Gehl may face disciplinary action, Hulett said.
---end quote---

Hulett is the Fire Chief. Gehl is the accused fire fighter.

First issue: No written policy. Hmmm. This, actually, I can see, as it SHOULD be pretty clear. But still, doesn't YOUR agency have a written policy on this issue? For my corps the official rule is no EtOH for 8 hour before your shift, no taking calls while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs, no alcohol or drug use while on duty, etc. I had assumed this is the norm, but perhaps not. How about it guys? Does your SOP mention drugs or alcohol?

Second issue: "May face disciplinary action..." MAY? MAY? You mean if you are busted for driving the firetruck and blow above a .15 you MAY get in trouble? I hope the chief means that IF if his convicted THEN he will be in trouble. Makes you wonder though.

Can you imagine how tragic this could have ended up?