Sunday, May 23

Glad I Missed It

My last 4+ shifts have seen no calls. I'd complain about the lack of action but given what happened to our neighbors this week I am glad. Our "corps next door" ran a horrific call that I am sure they are all still thinking about. An 18 year old driver going too fast on a hilly road came over a rise to see a car stopped behind a school bus with its flashers on. Driver could not stop and, in order to avoid the stopped car, swerved to the right. He hit an 8 year old girl as she was exiting the bus (the bus driver slammed the door closed on the two kids exiting behind her or it may have been worse). They were going to call for a helicopter but she was too unstable and was pronounced at our local hospital.

No drugs, no alcohol. Just too fast. Today's paper mentioned the driver is facing felony charges. That's a lot of changed lives for one moment of "fun".

Given Clark's latest blog entry ( and the above I have found myself being a little more cautious on the road these days.