Saturday, May 15

You're HOW old?

Two calls last night. Both EtOH related. Neither a college student.

First call comes in as "woman down". We arrive downtown, which is FULL of students and others celebrating the weekend, to find what appears to be a late 40's early 50's woman sitting on the sidewalk surrounded by college age individuals, all with smirks on their faces. She had "a glass of wine" to drink. She last ate two days ago (trying to fit into a new dress for graduation?). I predict it was more than one glass, but it was hard to tell. She was alert and oriented times three, did not fall or hit her head, and did NOT want to go to the hospital. Her daughter and son claimed she was in fine shape to make this decision, that they would look after her, and our EMT decided to let her go. The only difficulty she had in giving us information was her age. She knew the date she was born, but she did not know how old she was. Note that this was not due to an acute cognitive deficit, as the problem is that she is so used to saying "39" that she really didn't know :-).

Second call comes in as "underage intoxicated female". Local dance club has teen night which is alcohol free. However, this 15 YO female was not free of alcohol. TRASHED. Transported, managed to have her puke before and after the ride but not in our rig, and met her father at the hospital. My guess is that her hangover will be punishment enough but it won't be all she gets.

So, while I predicted we'd have some EtOH calls this weekend, I did NOT expect them to come from the 15 and 56 year olds.