Tuesday, June 1

HOW much does it all weigh?

No EMS calls for me over the weekend even though I was on a lot. I did miss a bleeding penis and rectum (two separate calls). I am very sure we did not cover what to do with a hemorrhaging penis.

A lot of time the last few days spent preparing an area for this HUGE new playset for my kids. 20 cubic yards of pea gravel spread over an area approximately 30 feet x 40 feet (enclosed by pressure treated 4x4's stacked two high). Two dump truck loads dropped off to be carted and spread by hand.

How hard can it be I thought? I shouldn't have "thought", I should have done the math. If I had, I would have hired out a small front loader to do the work...

approximately 3000 lbs per cubic yard of pea gravel X 20 cubic yards = 60,000 POUNDS of material we moved around. I hurt in places I didn't even know I had.

Damn kids :-)

My promise to myself: I'm not moving that gravel again. When the kids leave home I'll have a nice rock garden.

... I wish the state would hurry up and grade those EMT test...