Tuesday, July 6

Quiet 4th of July

The lack of entries here correlates with things being uneventful in my life.

EMS: I was on for 40+ hours between last Friday and the weekend. NO CALLs. None. The parade was a lot of fun and we hung around downtown until the crowds cleared. I have not had a call in forever and a day…

Home: In-laws in town for the weekend. Lots of BBQ and hanging out. The kids (mine and their cousins) had a great time playing on the play set I built earlier this summer. Another 1000 sessions like that and the work will have been worth it :-).

Work: Things are very quiet. I need to crank some stuff out before mid-August as that is when the $&!) will hit the fan for the fall semester.

Hope everyone reading who celebrates had a safe and happy fourth.