Thursday, July 15

What Will Happen in the Pyrénées?

Yeah, yeah – This isn’t really a blog about cycling. I can’t help bring it up again as it is where my thoughts are right now…

Tomorrow the Tour DAY France (thanks Bob Roll) should see the major players animating the action for the first time. Up until this point poor decisions or bad luck could have lost the tour for anyone (i.e., Mayo getting caught behind and losing 3+ minutes on his General Classification rivals), but little could have been done to win it. Will the tour be won tomorrow? I doubt it. But it should allow for an excellent demonstration of who is on form and a legitimate contender, and may well allow someone to put everyone else on the defensive. The last hour should be pure excitement as all of the big guns will be ready for a fight and watching each other closely. For anyone interested in cycling in general, or Lance Armstrong in particular, tomorrow marks the beginning of a special week and a half.

My guess is that many US cycling fans will be “sick” tomorrow and have to stay home and watch live coverage on OLN. I’ll be glued to the TV myself but have a *&$#(*(%&^ dentist appointment at 1100 EST which should be just when things heat up. Yell at the TV for me, will ya?


PS – Anyone speculating that Hamilton will be thrown off his race by the death of his dog Tugboat is mental. I’m not saying he won’t be upset, but certainly a professional bike racer who has raced hundreds of grand tour miles with broken bones will be able to suck it up and win one for the “Tugger”.