Thursday, September 16

What do you want and have you found the candidate who will give it to you?

My blog is not political that often. Probably for the best. Forgive me for going astray.

I am in favor of conservative GOVERNMENT (not conservative politics). To me, this is in line with what the founders of the US constitution had in mind. That is, government is fundamentally evil, though very necessary. The goal of the people should be to have the minimum amount of government as possible to have a safe and functioning society. Anything that doesn’t NEED government intervention should not have it.

Monopolies and oligopolies are problems, as are child molesters and people who tell you that paying $10k for peach pit infusions will cure your cancer. They need government control. Interstate trade and travel? Industries that can hide the “true cost” of their product by dumping pollution or other costs onto others besides their customers (e.g., society as a whole) to be paid later? Clearly we need government. Do we need a government to tell us what we can and can’t do in the privacy of our bedrooms? To tell us that extra large fries or rear engine cars shouldn’t be sold? I think not. Clearly there are lines to be drawn. I guess the tough part is that we all disagree on where those lines are. My current problem is that I don’t think there is a candidate for US president who has a chance in hell to win that is truly “small governement”. Who can I vote for? Are they not both whores to the sources of money who put them in position to win their respective positions? Is it not the case that both of them will end up sucking my money from me to pay back the sources that bought them? Is it reasonable to vote for “the least evil option”?

Some days I think my father is right: We are going to hell in a hand basket and there isn’t much an individual can do about it. This is one of those days.