Monday, September 27

First Standing Ovation

Well, the ovation wasn’t for ME, but it felt like it!

Friday we had a call to the college soccer field where there was a contest going on. Seems our goalie was kicked in the head by an opposing player who was (hopefully) trying to kick the ball. Turns out those college soccer players can generate some force when they go about trying to score a goal. Who knew?

We drove onto the lighted field to see the trainers and team physician trying to keep the now conscious but confused goalie from getting up. Head stabilization, quick assessment (can you pronouce anterograde amnesia? - sure, I knew ya could!), collar and board, and into the rig he goes. As we are loading him the crowd stands up and applauds. At that moment, and only then, I realize a BUNCH of people were watching me work. I was so focused on our patient that it seemed like I was alone with him and the other first responders. Weird feeling to know that so many eyes were following what we were doing.