Monday, November 1

Did the Dog Leave the Iron On?

I just got back from Medic class. Bleeding and shock tonight and our first major exam on Wed.

On the way back in town I stopped by the station to see who is on with me tonight (I take the 0000-0600 EMT shift the nights I have medic class) and hear the following on the scanner:

" fire monitors, # XX road, the *&$*% residence, dog house on fire. The dog house is not attached to the residence"

I clean the wax out of my ears as their tones drop. I listen closer this time because I KNOW this fire department did not just get called out for a dog house fire.

They did.

But that isn't the good part.

Five minutes after the first alert the following is broadcast for all to hear:

" fire monitors, manpower needed at the scene, # XX road, the *&$*% residence, dog house on fire. That's for fire monitors, manpower needed at the scene for a dog house fire".

Now, bless the heart of the dispatcher who did all of this without laughing. I was almost on the floor. The questions don't end, but the first in my mind were:

1) How did the dog get his/her house on fire?
2) How many firefighters does it take to put out a dog house fire when it is a stand alone structure?
3) Does the dog have replacement cost insurance and has it inventoried its dog toys recently?

Inquiring minds want to know.