Sunday, October 31

Small Town Halloween

We started at the head basketball coach’s house. Saw many people we knew from both the college and the town (ranging from the 1st grade reading teacher for my son to the college’s director of athletics). We drank some beer and wine, ate wings and pizza, watched some football and talked up a storm.

Next, off to the local orthopedic surgeon’s house, were we drank MORE wine (out of a box this time, but at this point, who cared?), ate MORE pizza (also out of a box – coincidence?) and MORE wings, and then went out trick-or-treating. My son was Spiderman and my daughter was a cat. Both were cute, though at six my son is also a bit crazy when it comes to competing to see who can reach the door first. When I start to think he is a spaz I look at the other 6 year olds and relax a bit.

Most doors we knew someone or knew someone who knew someone. This would be a problem if you were trying to hide your coke habit or the fact that you like to make it with sheep (I would say I don’t, but frankly I’ve never tried it…). As it was, I felt VERY warm, safe and comfortable. We were around people who all have their own problems, but in the end, each person there would protect each other to the end. Very nice.

Total take for the night:

Free Drinks: Hard to say. Do we have a problem?

Free Food: Hard to say. Do we have a problem?

Free Candy: Two bags 25% full. No problem for anyone.

Fun: Buckets and buckets.

If only turning back Exam 2 in my stats class tomorrow morning would be so warm and fuzzy…