Sunday, November 21

Sunday, Grumpy Sunday

Grumpy mood producers:

1) Hand, foot and mouth disease. No, really. I have a mild case, my daughter is overwhelmed with it (her throat looks like it was hit by a shotgun full of birdshot).

2) Lack of common courtesy. I just finished an hour and 40 minutes of reviewing statistics for about 20 of my stats students. On a Sunday afternoon. At their request. Not one "thanks Dr. J!". Really.

3) People sucking up my time for no good reason. I spent two hours today working on letter to the chair of a department (which has to be cc’d to the Dean) who wrote a letter to the Dean complaining that I denied a junior faculty member from his department the opportunity to teach in the program I run because I am an autocratic dictator. Did the chair call me first to get my side? Nope. Is there any truth to the allegations in the letter? No, and I am sure that everyone will see it my way when the facts come out (the course was NOT ready for prime time). But, BECAUSE the letter was sent, I have to spend my time defending making a correct decision based on quality data. That’s right, I DID THE RIGHT THING AND I HAVE TO DO MORE WORK BECAUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S DYSFUNCTION.

I am going home to serve myself a safe but effective dose of EtOH, and if anyone comments that I am hypocritical to slam on students for drinking unsafely while I use EtOH as an anxiety reducer, I am going to give them a paper cut. Better yet, I am going to give you a BIG kiss and you too can share in hand, foot and mouth disease.

(Frankie Says RELAX)