Thursday, November 18

Wanted by the NJ State Police

Your favorite college professor who moonlights as an EMT at $0.00/hr was in Newark, NY this week on work related travel. If you ever get the chance to check out the Newark area of NJ, well, DON'T :-).

The meetings I was attending were at a Marriott which is VERY close to the airport. This is good if you need to fly people in from various places, meet, sleep, meet, and fly out of town. That's just what we did.

Wednesday morning I decided to go for a walk around the hotel to get some exercise. As the hotel is surrounded by highways, etc., I just repeated laps around the grounds, staying on the perimeter. On my second lap I noticed a tall building jutting into the sky with a disc shaped top. It sure looked like an air-traffic control tower, but for some reason I assumed it couldn't be based on how close it was to the hotel.

Each lap I made I looked closer at the building, very curious. Soon I hear the "whump, whump, whump" of helicopter blades. Hmmm, I wonder what a police helicopter is doing around here. It gets closer. Well, they must be looking for someone - Maybe I better step up my pace in case I am in danger. The helicopter follows me for a complete lap of the hotel (probably 8 minutes). I begin to realize, of course, that I must have looked odd repeatedly checking out a federal aviation control tower. I must not have looked too scary as they final left me to my walk and ground units did not come to ask me what was up.

NJ is now free of the dangerous DJ.