Friday, November 19

If you are going to complain

I occasionally bitch about students. This is an anti-bitch.

I am writing a recommendation for a student. This woman is a NCAA Division 1 athlete. She is not good enough to play at a Tennessee or U-Conn. She is good enough to be competitive at the D1 level.

Her cumulative GPA is a 3.5. She is NOT an under-water basket weaving major. She got an A- in the second semester of Organic Chemistry (while conditioning, practicing and playing her sport!), and has A's or B's in some of the toughest classes on campus. She will be graduating after 8 semesters (4 years) of college (she takes a full load on semesters she is “in season”).

These are NEVER the kids who complain about not having enough time. These are the kids who turn in their assignments EARLY because they have an away game. These are the kids who I sometimes ignore because I am spending time in disciplinary boards with kids on the opposite side of the spectrum.

College students CAN manage their time, have multiple interests, and excel academically. Some amaze me with a maturity I did not have when I was their age (alas, I may not have it now :-) ).