Friday, March 26

Busy Week

Been super busy last few days:

Stuff that's been going on:

-Registration for next semester is coming up and since I'll be back in action then I've been dealing with students with questions about classes, etc. I forgot how crazy things are when I leave the door open, and it is worse when you are on leave as everyone sees it as their one chance to stop in to talk.

-Finished a review for a journal. Easiest review I've ever written as the paper was good

-Working on submitting a paper to a peer-reviewed journal with two of my students. Should go out on Tuesday.

-EMT class - just did cardiac emergencies. The heart is really an interesting organ and I want to learn more. I wonder if there is a cardiology for dummies book?

-Found out the family and I are going to Australia on the employer's dime in the spring of '06 (I'll write more later but this is great news as it is a strongly sought after opportunity and I am honored to be given the chance)!

-Attending a MCI drill this Sunday which will involved several fire departments, ambulance corps and hospitals. Exact scenario isn't known but it will be at an electronics manufacturing facility about 25 miles from here so I guess Haz-Mat.

-I've gone to the dark site and ordered a gas grill (I've been a charcoal guy for all my life). I hope to get it set up and ready to cook in time for Sunday dinner.