Sunday, March 21

My MCI will come, but not tonight...

MCI - Mass Casualty Incident. I'm certain that what constitutes a MCI varies from region to region, but around here if you have more than 3 patients needing advanced life support it is a MCI.

You don't want MCIs to happen, but if they happen...

I took tonight off. I have spent 72 hours on call in one capacity or another this week and wanted to enjoy a nice meal and a DVD with my wife. My pager off. Boots somewhere. Coat? I don't know. Car face in. Steaks ready for the love that is garlic and pepper. I'm relaxed with no worries.

Scanner is in background downstairs (my wife has become addicted) while I'm watching my 2 year-old daughter take a bath. Wife calls upstairs claiming my corps may have a call. I say hmmm. She says it sounds like an MVA. I say HMMMMM. She says "Want to go"? I go AHHHH. We usually send two rigs on MVAs but only have one crew on the board so the second rig is composed of those who make it down. I figured they might be able to use the extra hands so out I go. Because I'm not on the board I don't have my stuff laid out and it takes me 60 seconds longer to get out the door. These are a precious 60 seconds.

I live a bit out of the village and my response time is on the longer end. I hear our first rig call out of service BLS (basic life support) and ask for ALS (a medic or paramedic) to meet them at the scene. I hear our chief ask control for more rigs through mutual aid (nearby agencies will send a unit to help us just as we often do for them). I am no more than 500 yards from the station when I hear the second rig call out of service and see them fly past me lights and siren. I cursed out loud. I know better than to go to the scene so I defeat my strong urge. Last thing they need is someone who is an EMT in training taking his private vehicle to a scene with 4 patients.

I'm glad we got two rigs out so fast. Very impressed with how quickly our neighbors got out to help us and how a paramedic and medic appeared out of the woodwork. I just wish I could have been there.

As the fire chief clears the scene he asks control to get a sander truck out as the roads are icy. We had such a crappy winter with so few accidents and now three in one week. I think spring has suckered people into thinking they can drive fast again and when the roads ice over they are caught by surprise.

I know I'll get to go on a "real" trauma call soon enough and I certainly would be happier if no one ever needed us. But, if they ARE going to need us, maybe they can wait until I'm on call?