Saturday, March 6

Blah blah blah update

Home / Work / EMT Class / Ambulance Call

Home: ANOTHER stinking virus going through the house. College students go all over the world to collect new strains and then come into my office and cough, sneeze and touch my stuff. By the time I'm 50 I should have one heck of an immune system.

Work: External review team to give feedback on our "general education program". By being on sabbatical I have the right to avoid this mess, but I will be taking a three-year term as a director of one component of this program in July and wanted to see where the team was going with their questions as this often gives a good feel for the suggestions they will make. I took the director position with the knowledge that the next three years will involve change and the hope that I could help guide the program to be even better than it is now. This review was very interesting and I learned a lot, but I was also reminded how nice sabbatical is as I have not had to sit through hours of meetings in a long time.

EMT Class: C-Spine, backboards, lifting and moving, etc. We had class today (Sat.) to do more lifting and moving. Monday will be documentation and ambulance operations. Thursday is the second main written exam along with testing of the trauma and medical practicals.

Ambulance calls I drove for since I last checked in: One "difficulty breathing call". I swear 65% of our calls must come in this way. This patient wasn't kidding. I have read about cyanosis, but to actually see that shade of blue on a human being is an experience. The guy wouldn't let the medic start a line, stating "don't worry boy, if I die you can start your IV and cover your ass". I'm not kidding. The "boy" comment comes from our medic being 23 and looking like he is 17.