Monday, February 23

Sick Test Results

I had a teaching evaluation last semester that read: "Dawg, your teaching is sick". I was crushed, of course, until I read the rest of the form. In context, sick can only be interpreted as a positive thing. Damn kids today.

This weekend sick has been bad. I have been sick as a dog with a virus that I can't shake. Chills, fever, GI distress. Pure pleasure for all around me, I'm sure.

Fri EMT Shift: One call. Tummy ache at "older folks home". They called, I'm guessing, because they had a full arrest that morning (which I didn't go on) and were still tweaked.

Weekend: Too sick to do much but go to "Sesame Street Live". That Elmo rocks. Mr. Noodle rocks. Cookie monster? Over-rated in my book.

Today: Still sick, but went to EMT class as I figured I wasn't spreading viri around anymore and I needed to get out. Plus I wanted to get my test back.

My score: 96%
Questions missed I should have known answer to: 1
Questions missed no one should care about: 2
Questions I got right due to dumb luck: 2

Mean, SD, Min, and Max for class: Don't know, as this was not reported. Why? Requires math? Makes people feel bad? Helps people judge where they are compared to their peers? Can't really say, but it strikes me as odd.

Today we learned about scene size-up and initial assessment. Things are getting interesting.

More when I return to full strength.