Saturday, February 14

Don't Complain

Friday 2/13, 1200-1800 - On call as a driver and spent day at work analyzing data and meeting with an honors student who is a coauthor on this project...

#calls while crunching data: 0
#experiments that producted data that failed to replicate previous work: 1
#honors students spending weekend trying to figure out what the data mean: 1
#professors spending weekend trying to figure out if experimental design or student are to blame: 1

As a newbie I want calls (I don't want people to get hurt, but if they are going to get hurt I'd like them to do it on my shift!). Old hands clearly think this is funny. Yesterday I was told not to complain about the number of calls as when I stopped by the station I was filled in on a call from a few days ago: Massive rectal bleed. Quote from medic: "Once you have smelled the mix of fresh blood and fecal mater you will not forget it". I'll take his word for it. He also pointed out that the driver cleans the back of the rig.