Friday, February 13

Origin of the Spines (sorry Darwin)

EMT class last night and then a shift of being on call as a driver.

EMT class: Last night was anatomy and physiology all in one three-hour lecture. Ouch. I was feeling for the people who have had little biology. While overall there wasn’t much to note, I did learn that God designed the spine. Not evolution, not some deity designing a system that led to the evolution of the spine, but HE [instructor’s words, not mine] directly designed the human spine. I saw my fellow students write this down! Not to trample on anyone’s beliefs, but it seems easy enough to have a lecture on this topic without promoting one view over another. On science's side are the huge advances we have made in medicine once we started using the scientific method to evaluate claims and ideas. And this is in a state sponsored course…

A very large percentage of the EMS/Firefighters in my area smoke cigarettes. Is this universal?

On call from 0000-0600. Roads were bad and I wondered if I should sleep at the station, but decided to risk it from home.

Number of calls: 0
Number of calls dreamt about that I can recall: 4. Percentage involving my wrecking the ambulance or almost doing so: 100. Best one involved my taking a shortcut across a field ala Lance Armstrong in last year’s Tour de France.

You’d think at 38 I’d stop having anxiety dreams. At least I didn’t dream I went to class naked.

I’ve got a boat load of work to do in the “real” job today and am on call as a driver from 12:00-18:00 – This should ensure I get a call!

Thanks for reading.