Saturday, February 7

12 Hours?

I was on ambulance duty (as a driver) from noon to six today. We had one call. Guy’s mother, who lives out of town, is concerned and calls law enforcement to find out where he is located. Claims she had spoken with him at 4:00 AM (as in the morning) and he said he was having a medical emergency and had called the ambulance. At 4:00 pm (yes, as in the afternoon) she decides to figure out how he is. Can’t find him at a local hospital so calls police. Police check with 911 dispatch, figure out no ambulance was sent, and figure the guy might need some medical attention (no kidding). Dispatch police, fire rescue and us. We drive one block, literally one block, and control calls us off. Dude was on the phone with control, in his house, fine and dandy.

What I don’t get:

1) 12 hours between your son saying he is deathly ill and has called the ambulance and you wondering where (not even how) he is?
2) What medical emergency occurs at 4:00 am that gets you to tell your mother you need help desperately and then spontaneously reverses?
3) Why the veteran medic who went on the call with me was laughing when he heard the address and said “this won’t be a real call”.

My guess is that the above are related and that with more experience I’ll come to know and love this individual as a “frequent flyer”. In my newbie state I assumed there might actually be a problem.

Twelve hours…