Tuesday, February 17

Sebaceous gland to the left of me, dermis to the right, here I am...

Home, Ambulance Stuff and EMT Class all in one vent.

2 year old acting like a two year old. I remember that she used to be so sweet :-).

5 year old acting like a five year old. I am told he used to be sweet, but I do not remember this nor do I remember being single, married with no children, or for that matter, married life without children. We used to think we were busy…

Wife still pretending it is a good idea that I take on more responsibilities with my job (e.g., in July will start a three year stint as a “University Professor of the Liberal Arts and Director of the Scientific Perspectives Program”) + volunteering my time with an ambulance corps + taking an EMT class. She’s a keeper.

Ambulance Stuff:
Due to some unexpected events in other people’s lives I was asked to be on call as a driver from 1800 on Sunday to 1200 on Monday. One call – seizures followed by “erratic behavior”. Terminal cancer patient with lesions in his brain got a little grumpy. Grumpy last week meant waving a loaded handgun around at significant others + law enforcement. Control asks us to wait to enter home until law enforcement arrives. No need to transmit that idea twice. I am still thinking about this guy and his family. Clearly was a warm and nice guy before tumors invaded his brain and changed his personality. Son thanks us at hospital and all I can think is that I hope I can be as thoughtful when the world of crap rains down on me and my family.

EMT Class
Twenty question quiz tonight on the following systems: muscle/skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, digestive, etc. Twenty questions. Think of all and EMT-B could want to know about these systems and then ask yourself where you would place this one in order of importance for emergency medicine: What layer(s) of skin contain the Sebaceous glands? Yep, that is the one I missed. Vote early and vote often if you KNOW the answer without cheating.

After class I get beer and wings with my friend "B" who is taking the class with me. We see students we know and try to ignore them but they keep looking our way, seemingly shocked that college professors can have fun at night. We drink enough to be legal but happy. I drive home and almost die due to another driver's speeding. I wonder if one more beer on my part would have removed the almost from the previous sentence as I could not have reacted in time. Never know...