Thursday, February 19

No Real News

Nothing really worth posting but it has been a few days.

EMT class tonight:

Module 1 Exam (75 questions) and Practical Stations (Oxygen therapy, Single Rescuer Bag-Valve-Mask, Pocket Mask with O2, airways and suctioning).

I’ll find out how I did on the test Monday. I know I missed some from the test (I aced the practicals) but would be shocked if I scored below a 90%. I hate missing questions… This whole process is good as it gives me a feel for what my students go through all the time.

On call tonight from 0000 to 0600 and tomorrow from 1200 to 1800.

No school for my kids this week so the wife and I are taking turns staying home. My kids decided it was “underwear” day and ran around mostly naked all day. I did not put up a fight because if I could I would do the same (though it would cause major cardiac events wherever I went).

Department meeting this week to discuss fall teaching assignments. I’ll be teaching statistics in the fall. I’ll explain some other time why this is good (no, it isn’t because I am a sadist).

I just got a great paper to review for a journal. What a pleasure to read a well conceived and written paper by someone who knows what she is talking about. You would think that all scientists would submit papers to peer-reviewed journals that fit the above description but you would be wrong.

Thanks for reading.