Saturday, February 28

I think I am going to die

Work: Another day, another 1/100,000th of a grant proposal completed, another advisee gained (I have GOT to keep that door closed), another junior faculty member mentored, another paper to review, another NCAA application for an additional year of eligibility due to a knee injury (I am our institution's faculty representative to the NCAA), blah, blah, blah.

Ambulance Stuff: On as driver from 1200 to 1800.

Calls: 1

Went out ALS with crew of 5 (driver, medic, two basics and a college kid who is in my EMT class).
Call started out BLS and medic let one of the basics be "crew chief" and did a good job staying out of the way. The entire crew but me is college students, so you can see what I mean when I say my corps depends upon them a lot. Anyway, we leave the scene with the patient and I can not hear what is being said in the back, only the voices. One of the basics is running the call, with the medic not talking at all, when all of a sudden the medic is the ONLY one talking and things start sounding tense. In the mirror I see an IV getting started and the 12-lead EKG going in place. Hmmmm.

Get the hospital, do our stuff, and leave. On way home I ask the medic what happened. He states that things were going fine until the patient said "I think I am going to die", at which point her color changed and her vitals changed. According to him, when a patient tells you they are going to die you better believe them. I have no idea if this is just another superstition (just TRY saying "it's been quiet" around older EMTs or Medics!), but for now I'll take his word on this issue.

She was alive when we left her but the hospital page was going for the cardiac crew.