Monday, March 1

Quiz Me Tender

Work: Made comments on a student paper (she's doing research in my lab and is presenting at a conference in April). Nice work :-)

Ambulance: Rode along for an ALS link-up with another corps but turned out to not be much.

EMT Class: Practiced the trauma station today before class and aced it. I'm sure I'll screw it up at some point, but I now have a conceptual grasp of the station (and trauma calls in general) so things are moving along.

Quiz tonight. 10 points and I got a 10 (though I had to argue for the 10th). Mid-class break and the instructor comes back grumpy. Class mean is a 67.7. He claims this is due to people not studying. Maybe. The material is difficult and I think it takes time to acquire. We were supposed to spend today on the "medical" patient, but instead spend 3 more hours doing scene safety and extrication. Ouch.

It is so strange to read the blogs of people who do EMS for a living. Many of these individuals have busy stretches where they are handling a call an hour or so. Things are SO different here it is like a different world.