Saturday, March 20

Rollover Season?

Just got back from a Sat EMT class (CPR certification). Long but very interesting. I really like the hands on stuff better if it is prefaced with the logic behind the procedures. A lot of this stuff is just following a bunch of "IF X THEN Y" logic trees. I find it much easier to think about (and do) if I think about the purpose. I know I am a pain in the ass in class sometimes due to the questions I ask as it makes class a little longer than it could be...

"B" was on call last night and caught a rollover with a head injury. Our second rollover for the week. "B" has now been on two calls total, one the smoker on O2 who lit himself on fire and now this one. Both calls went to hospitals away from our local one (first went to a burn center about an hour away and the second to a trauma center about 40 min away) so he has yet to go to our hospital while I have yet to go anywhere else.

Wife and kids out of town so I can eat crappy food and sleep when I want (minding the fact that I need to remember to feed and walk the dogs). I am afraid to say that I like having them around better than not, but I try not to let them know for fear they'll get big heads :-).