Tuesday, March 9

Stars Aligned Tonight?

We saw the "lawn" for the first time in months last week. It is now covered in snow again, but at least spring threatens an appearance. I don't know the exact count, but we've had over 10 feet of snow this year and I am anxious for the sun to come out and take it all away for good. When I lived in the Washington, DC area the cherry blossoms signaled the official start of spring. I think that DC sees spring 6 weeks before we do up here!

Studying for our second major test in EMT class (the test is Thursday - Written section and practical stations on trauma and medical). I am not nervous but I do need to prepare more.

Took a break from studying this morning to pretend like I have a day job. Department had a meeting to discuss curriculum revision and my presence was requested (demanded). What this means is that they expected a miserable time and felt the need to share the pain :-). What I cannot for the life of me understand is how our meeting was educational, enjoyable and productive with no points of lasting contention. Days like today remind me that I love my job and that I have a great set of colleagues. That said, given how today's meeting went, it is the day to buy a lottery ticket, that is for sure!