Tuesday, March 23

First Chance to "Run" a Call

Went to go to lunch today and the pager went off. I wasn't on call but I knew the board was thin so I thought I'd drive down and see if they needed any help. Given the call was on campus, and I was on campus when it came in, it was weird to drive away from where I knew help was needed. With no official EMS status ("Hi, I am an EMT student and can't treat most things - How can I help?") and no equipment I figured I couldn't help much on the scene without a crew and a rig.

Call came in as 80 year old male who collapsed in a lecture hall.

I get to the station and there is a driver and EMT-B. No ALS anywhere to be found (unless you count the hospital 3 min away). EMT asks me if I want to "run" the call. I figure she'll keep me from hurting anyone and I need the practice.

Short version of things is this really interesting speaker (he told me about his research on the way) had just finished his presentation, got dizzy, and was helped to the ground. No difficulty breathing or chest pain. Did not want O2. Vitals all normal. I got to do everything but call into "resource". Even got to write the Prehospital Care Report (PCR).

A subset of lessons learned today:

1) Either go through your questions in a rigid order or have a LOT of practice doing it conversationally (I tried to just work them in and it was too hard for me given the lack of experience).

2) If I obtain the skills and stay with this EMS stuff I will try to remember how nice it was to have someone guide me without interfering. The EMT gave me a great treat by giving me the freedom and trust she did and I need to remember to do the same when(if) the tables get turned.

3) Learn how to spell syncope.

4) I still have way more to learn.