Saturday, March 27

Acute EtOH Abuse

I did some of my required emergency room time from Friday at 2000 to Saturday 0200. I got so see:

A drunk student (and patient).

A friend of the drunk student who was in one of my classes. This person became drunk patient #2 when I wondered why in the hell she was in the bathroom for so long. She had, of course, passed out on the floor in a puddle of puke.

A colleague of mine who was rushed in by her husband. She was PALE and looked freaked out. She ran up to me, tossed her arms around me, and said in a barely audible voice "D.. Help me". She is a calm, wonderful woman and I was scared at this point because I knew if she is freaked she must be in real trouble. Her throat was closing from an allergic reaction. Some EPI and she was doing much better.

I had an ambulance call at 1730 (I was driving) that came in as a difficulty breathing. This patient was still in ER when I started my ER time at 2000 and remembered me. I went down to CT with him and got to see his scans, including his heart. Really great experience.

Saw some stitches go into this small but deep gash in a knuckle. Cool.

Several "I don't feel good and probably should have gone to my GP today but I was busy and I knew you guys would be here tonight so what the..."

I took lots of vitals (the real way, not with those stupid machines :-) ). Ok, Ok, so I wished we had the cool machines on the back of the rig.

A lot of people complain about the ER time. I had fun and learned some stuff. Worth a few hours of sleep deprivation.