Friday, April 28

Where's My Pager?

So things are good. We are still in Australia (will be here until mid-June), hence the lack of activity from me. This country is amazing. I am learning, thinking, relaxing, playing and just plain growing as a person. GREAT experience.

The class I am teaching is going well. The students are smart, fun and engaged to the level I'd expect given the distractions they have all around them. Teaching just 14 people is a rarity for me, so I am VERY much enjoying the smaller class size.

Do I miss EMS? Some times :-). Occasionally I'll make like I am a dispatcher and verbalize an ALS call. My wife just makes a face like "yeah, I really miss THAT!". I am certainly taking advantage of the freedom from the pager to spend time with my kids and drink more wine that usual.

EMS has not, however, left me alone here. One of the instructors for my medic class e-mailed me asking if I'd again give the head/brain trauma lecture for their course. It is fun to do, but the request reminded me that I do have to go back home :-). Then, my chief e-mails, asking if I'd consider running for deputy chief. I do not feel I have enough experience, but he seems to respect my decision making and organizational skills enough to think I can do it. I have agreed to run, and assuming the members of the corps are drunk enough at the July meeting, I just may be a deputy chief. Odd.

Anyway - Just wanted to touch base with anyone who still stops by. As you know, I'll post more when I get back home in June.

Stay safe!

The Prof.