Saturday, December 17

Schools OUT!

Ah, last day of finals yesterday. I'm finished with grading for two out of my three courses. The last will be horrific, as it involves a lot of writing. Serves me right for thinking open-ended thought questions were a good idea...

Continuing on my 419 saga...

Dear Eliot,
Greetings and thanks for your massage.What I meant in my last massage is that %10 of our own share will be for charity purposes because some percentage of the fund will be invested wisely.Also I thank you for your prayers because anything one does without prayers will not work.After your prayers today,try and forward the application to the bank first thing tomorrow morning your time to enable us conclude this tranasction before christmas break.

After you might have send the application to the bank kindly confirm to me immediately to enable me follow it up in the bank.

Best wishes,



I have sent the information you requested and included your e-mail address in the message. I had a great idea: I asked that the money be sent by cashier's check instead of electronic wire. Plus I asked that any fees be taken out in advance so that things can move as quickly as possible. My understanding is that the government follows electronic transactions even more than paper ones. My hope is that I can spend all of my share on charity. If the government knows about the money, they will take out taxes and then I will have to wait to get them back. If I spend it all right away, I will be able to give even more to charity because it will be tax deductable! The children and animals will get so much more this way. Plus, this way I will be able to send your share back ASAP.

You are such a kind and giving person. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I know we can help a lot of people with this money, but here and in your fine country.

Warm regards,



Dear Eliot,
Greetings and thank for your urgent response.I read through your text of application you forwarded to the bank and method of payment of cashier check is a welcome idea.So notify me as soon as the bank respond to your request for further directives.Also I tried to call you today but your telephone line was on answering machine.We can make it some other time.

Best of Luck,


Note: The "application" asked for all sorts of personal information, and had phone and fax numbers that did not match those of the real bank named in the appliation. I grabed the information for the real bank to use in the post below. Plus, given they clearly are willing to scam me, even if I am not going to keep the money myself, I thought I'd toss in a sick wife and kid for fun...

Dear Patrick,

The International Commercial Bank, LTD., did contact me and I sent the requested information to the bank. I will let you know as soon as they do respond to me. My office has a directory that lists international banks, and I sent the FAX to the following:

P. O. Box 20057
Accra - Ghana
Telephone : 233-21-666190/665779
Fax : 233-21-668221
Telex : 2956 ICB NK

If you know anyone there, perhaps you could call and see if my fax arrived? I called and tried to speak with the gentleman who sent me the e-mail, but their was some confusion. Perhaps it is my accent, but they kept saying the man does not work at that bank. They must have misunderstood what I was asking, because clearly he does given he just sent me an e-mail yesterday. Could there be two International Commercial Banks in Ghana? Your country must be very rich indeed. I am very jealous of how much money there seems to be there.

I am sorry to make my e-mail so short, but I must get home. My wife just had a baby and it was very hard on her. They are still not sure if she will live, and the baby is sick as well. Please pray for us. I have shed many tears these last few days.

Your international friend,



Dear Eliot,
Greetings,I am sorry for your Wife condition and I have prayed over it,God will keep them alive in JESUS name AMEN.You see I am not happy with what you did,I told you before we start that this is confidential deal that the secret should remain between I and You that there will be no third party required in this transaction.Also be inform that our Bank have many branches in Ghana You went and contacted our head office without my permission,be warn do not for any reason contact any staff of our bank again without my instruction and put a stop for the contact you have made.

And if you wish to carry out this transaction with me,You have to resend the application to Dr.Tanco Ayoba with his e-mail address as follows; He is the International remmitance department director in the branch where this money is deposited.You either act according to my instruction or forget this transaction so that I can look for another trust worthy person to carry out this transaction with.As a matter of urgency declare your stand in this transcation.For further details call me on my telephone number +233-2438 26907.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Best Wishes,



Hello Patrick,

I am sorry I made a mistake. It will not happen again. Please do not be mad at me. I have been unable to eat all day as I am so worried you are angry with me.

I will send the information to Mr. Ayoba today.

I must go now to check on my wife and baby.



Note: I did send an e-mail to Mr. Ayoba - it is full of random 0's and 1's.

Yes, I know I'm acting like a five-year old with this. I'll grow up someday, I swear.