Wednesday, December 21

A few questions answered...

Spent the last two days driving from the east coast to Iowa to spend Christmas with family. Contents of vehicle: 1 Dog (who is staying at Grandma's while we are in Australia), 2 kids, one wife and myself.

Q: Can a kid who can't tie her shoes figure out the weakness of each person in the car and exploit said weakness to maximize irritation?


Q: Is it possible, after eating fast food for two days, for a fan of fast food to think to himself: "Boy, I could go for some fruit and veggies".

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to get from Gary, IN to Joliet, IL on interstate 80 without having a at least one traffic jam, costing you at least an hour in transit? EVER?


Q: What are the odds the kids will be quiet and nice to each other in said traffic jam?

A: 0.000 (rounded up)

Q: How long will said dog wait to crap IN THE HOUSE of the family he is to stay with for the next five months?

A: Two hours.

No EMS from me for a few weeks, as I'm away from home. No pager. No scanner.

Have a safe week everyone!