Sunday, January 29

Made It!

The fam-Damn and I made it from the East Coast to L.A., L.A. to Sydney, and Sydney to Wollongong. The kids traveled better than I expected, though we are all tired and adjusting to the time change (16 hours ahead of EST). We've been busy setting up house, swimming in the Pacific and finding our way around town. This coming week I'll get settled into the university I'm visiting (The University of Wollongong). My students won't be here for two weeks, so I should be able to get the family and I all settled in before things get insane with student needs.

I'm almost missing EMS, but with the sun, surf, etc., I'm OK so far :-). Oh, get this... A decent (by my ugly standards) bottle of wine is between 6 and 10 U.S. dollars a bottle, but a case of beer of similar quality is over $30 U.S. Shiraz and Cabernet it is...