Wednesday, August 31

School's In Session

Ahh, what a nice last few weeks, followed by a slamming.

My mom gave me an IPod for my 40th birthday. So far I love it. My wife and kids gave me exactly what I asked for, including breakfast fit for a king.

My family and I spend several days over the last few weeks at nearby campgrounds and a water park. It was my first visit to a water park, ever, and I had as much fun as my 7 year old son (and he had a blast). We ate well, slept well and had a great time.

School started this week and I am being reminded how much more work a new course is than ones I've taught before. Right now I'm teaching three classes, one of them brand new, and it is sucking up a lot of my time.

EMS Schtuff...

A lot of routine ALS calls - Difficulty breathing, etc. My IV's are back on track, but then I haven't had a diabetic in a while :-).

I did put a 2 year-old in a helicopter yesterday. Due to the nature of the call I feel uncomfortable giving details on this blog, but the short version is that this kid suffered blunt force trauma and needed to get to an appropriate facility quickly. My chief called for a helicopter before we even got on scene, and it was the right call to make.