Tuesday, June 7

Secret Agent Man

I have been busy with purported plagiarism and cheating cases this week (we went from 1400 to 2330 on Monday, did four cases today and have five or six tomorrow). I guess the semester isn’t really over until all of the potential academic dishonesty cases have been heard.

Can't give too many details here at this point, but we had an expert witness who is an ex-FBI agent and is now working as a private detective. Honor board hearings are not supposed to be adversarial, and this is the first time in my history where we have had "hired guns" come in to testify on the behalf of a student. It was just ODD.

Someday I'll write more about honor hearings, and include abstracted information from this week’s and other hearings. Right now it is too time-locked with what just happened and I do not want to risk violating anyone's privacy rights or the oath that what happens in the hearings is private (I wouldn't, but am worried that it would seem like I did).

All quiet on the EMS front.